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dyslexia affects many people

What will I receive after my dyslexia assessment?

dyslexia assessmentAfter the assessment you will receive an educational psychology report which provides you with a comprehensive overview of the client's strengths and weaknesses in terms of thinking skills, language functioning, academic attainments, approaches and attitudes to learning, planning, organisational and study skills.

In addition, the diagnostic information relating to elements such as working memory, processing speed and phonological awareness, is intended to explain some of the underlying factors that may have had an influence on the development of key skills and the acquisition of knowledge.

The information in the report can assist the client in a number of ways:

My aim is to identify the degree to which Dyslexia is in evidence, and to provide verification of this to help the client in areas of education and employment to access additional support to assist personal development, academic performance and career prospects.

Should you need any questions answering or further information please telephone Rick Portsmouth on
0191 281 2636 or use the contact sheet.

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