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dyslexia affects many people

Stephanie aged 31 years

I am an assistant manager with a manufacturing company, and my job involves planning and organising work schedules, supervising people and contributing towards project development.

The work demands a lot of creativity and inventiveness, and brings out the best in my person management skills.

However I do a have a problem with writing and spelling, and easily get confused when doing planning where paperwork is involved. Although my boss is aware of this, I have so far been able to keep others from knowing about my weaknesses as I have in their eyes shown outstanding strengths in other areas of my work.

However my future job prospects depend on my ability to work efficiently and also to maintain some credibility amongst my colleagues, and with this in mind, at the suggestion of my boss, I approached Dyslexia North for an independent assessment.

This proved quite clearly that I had high abilities, was a good problem solver with a wide range of creative skills potential, but had a severe problem with spelling and writing. Not only was this information an enormous relief for me, it showed my employer how able I was in many areas of thinking, that my problem was a very specific one that could be remedied with adequate training and support in the workplace.

I now feel so much more confident about my general work performance knowing what my strengths are, that I have had a clear diagnosis of my problem, and that I have the full support and understanding of my employer.

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