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dyslexia affects many people

Julie aged 19 years

During my first year of a university degree course I began to struggle with the course work, particularly the written assignments, and I also had problems managing the work load in terms of planning, organisation and study skills. I was beginning to fall behind schedule and was so concerned that I approached my tutor for advice. He knew I was capable of managing the academic requirements of a degree course, but thought that I might have a dyslexic problem, and recommended I approach Dyslexia North for an independent psychological assessment.

Thankfully I followed up on his suggestion as the assessment revealed that I had dyslexia which was undermining my performance and preventing me from showing my full potential. The psychological report I received enabled me to confidently approach the university authorities who were sympathetic and supportive, and were able to apply on my behalf for special financial support to help me overcome my difficulties. This recognition of my problem gave me the reassurance and support I needed at the time, and helped me to successfully complete my degree course.

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