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dyslexia affects many people

Sam aged 8 years

My son was not doing well at primary school, was anxious, irritable and not sleeping at night. I knew deep down that he was a bright child, and could not understand why he was not making the progress he should have been. His school said he had some writing and spelling difficulties, but not severe enough to warrant specialist assessment.

A friend suggested he might have dyslexia, that I should seek an expert opinion, and pointed us in the direction of Dyslexia North, a specialist service that could provide high quality, independent and quick advice in this respect.

Since doing this I now understand what the problem has been, and with the benefit of specialist psychological assessment and advice, I have been able to confidently approach his teacher who has been able to better understand his problems and how to support him.

Sam is now much more relaxed about school, confident with his studies and there are signs of real improvement in his work.

Should you need any questions answering or further information please telephone Rick Portsmouth on 0191 281 2636 or use the contact sheet.


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