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dyslexia affects many people

Dyslexia North

Welcome to Dyslexia North in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Rick Portsmouth is the Director of Dyslexia North currently working as a consultant chartered educational psychologist having extensive experience of working in a wide range of educational contexts including Local Authorities, colleges of FE, and institutions within the private sector including a number of independent schools, and the Newcastle Clinic.

His prinicipal sphere of expertise is in the area of learning performance, and the assessment of ability and achievement, in particular, Dyslexia. He is able to offer advice as to study skills, revision methods and exam related issues including the provision of psychological evidence to support applications for exam special arrangements.

He has considerable experience of working with children, young people and adults who have Dyslexic problems, having conducted frequent and regular assessments of clients referred by schools in the public and private sector, colleges and universities, employers and those who have been referred through their GP.

He is therefore well aware that parents frequently request advice about their children's difficulties that may well be beyond the scope of teachers, and also that young people in further or higher education, and adults who experience the burden of Dyslexia at college or in the workplace, may seek guidance as to how best to access appropriate professional help with their difficulties.

The information contained within this website is designed to familiarise you with the broad elements of Dyslexia, its symptoms and features, what Dyslexia North can offer you, and why you should choose to seek help and advice through this service.

Should you need any questions answering or further information please telephone Rick Portsmouth on
0191 281 2636
or use the contact form.

Dyslexia North : 4 Towers Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3QE
Tel: 0191 2812636 Mob:- 07742 597208 Email: enquiries@dyslexianorth.co.uk